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Hangul is a unique alphabet used by Koreans. Considered one of the most efficient alphabets in the world, Hangul is often praised for its scientific design, functionality, and usability.

Developed by King Sejong in 1446, the alphabet was created mainly to help locals communicate using a common means of communication which is easy to learn and use.

The Hangul Alphabet


Name Hangul Pronunciation at the...
Start of a word Start of a syllable End of a word
기역 (giyok) k (kite) g (ghost) k (walk)
쌍기역 (ssang giyok) g (gone) <- same <- same
니은 (nieun) n (now) <- same <- same
디귿 (digeut) t (talk) d (mind) t (hot)
쌍디귿 (ssang digeut) d (dog) <- same <- same
리을 (rieul) r (run) <- same l (real)
미음 (mieum) m (mop) <- same m (hum)
비읍 (bieup) p (pool) b (bay) p (lap)
쌍비읍 (ssang bieup) b (bird) <- same <- same
시옷 (siot) s (show) <- same t (hot)
쌍시옷 (ssang siot) s (sun) <- same t (hot)
이응 (ieung) silent <- same ng (ring)
지읒 (jieut) ch (chop) j (jar) t (hot)
쌍지읒 (ssang jieut) j (jim) <- same t (hot)
치읓 (chieut) ch (itch) <- same t (hot)
키읔 (kieuk) kh (khaki) <- same <- same
티읕 (tieut) t (tip) <- same t (hot)
피읖 (pieup) p (pit) <- same p (lap)
히읕 (hieut) h (hot) <- same silent


Hangul Pronunciation
ah (Rah)
uh (run)
oh (dough)
oo (moon)
uh (brook)
ee (meek)
ae (at)
eh (met)
yah (yawn)
yuh (yum)
yoh (yodel)
yoo (view)
yae (yak)
yeh (yes)
wah (wand)
wae (wax)
wuh (wonder)
weh (web)
weh (wait)
wee (week)
uey (muey)

Importance Of Learning Hangul

Learning Korean can be used for:

University admission and academic management of foreign Korean Government Scholars.

Local university admission for foreigners and overseas Koreans who have completed 12 years of education abroad.

Obtaining working visa for those who want to be employed at Korean companies, and serving as a standard for selecting and managing the employees.

Recognizing domestic practitioner license for foreigners with medical doctor qualification.

Application for Korean Language Teaching Qualification test (level 2 and 3) and acquisition of certificate.

Acquisition of permanent residency right.

Application for the issuance of marriage-based immigrant visa.