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About Us


About My Korean Learning

My Korean Learning is the first and only Korean learning center based in Cebu, Philippines, that makes practical and effective use of the modern technology, specifically the computer and the Internet as primary aid in the learning process. Using a new approach in learning, My Korean Learning is the leader in online language training and education. Developed to help Filipinos learn Korean, MKL makes e of state-of-the-art learning programs that are not only simple and easy to use, but are also interactive, engaging, and fun.

Currently, My Korean Learning is the fastest-growing online training provider preferred by learners from different parts of the country and the world.

History & Company Profile

My Korean Learning began as a learning institution in 2015. Catering to individuals who wish to study Korean, the institution, then called My Korean Learning Center Cebu, offered daily class sessions paired with compute-based lectures and exercises. The company ultimately decided to offer online tutorials and classes to address the ever-growing demand for distance learning and to give a convenient option to individuals with busy and demanding schedules.

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Our Timeline


My Korean Learning Center opens in Oakridge - AS Fortuna as a learning center that uses experimental proprietary software-based Korean learning system. MKLC is the first Korean learning center in the country to do so.


My Korean Learning launches, a website that caters to non-Cebu-based learners who wish to study, learn, and practice Korean in the comfort of their own home and at their preferred time.


My Korean Learning Center re-opens in Mandaue City, Cebu. The company focuses equally on both the physical center and on online learning to give more and convenient options to those who want to learn the Korean language.

Vision & Mission

My Korean Learning aims to give learners nothing but the best learning materials to ensure that they succeed in their endeavors. Whether to study or work in Korea or to marry a Korean national, My Korean Learning works hard to develop the best tools to make these dreams within reach.